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General Dentistry

We’re Making Little Silver Smile!

What keeps you from visiting the dentist?

Time – Money – Fear – Pain – Shame?

Things are about to change.

At Little Silver Dental Care, expect the utmost professionalism and a peaceful, comfortable, and thoroughly rewarding experience! Each of our team members was carefully chosen by Dr. Doug Peterson and formerly by Dr. Albert Sacco for a strong dedication to excellent service and professionalism. But we also know how to have fun. Your family will enjoy visiting Little Silver Dental – we’ll make sure of it.

Your First Visit

An initial visit takes about an hour. Children receive a comprehensive checkup, complete with a series of x-rays and a tooth-by-tooth inspection. Kids also meet with our hygienist for a professional cleaning, fluoride treatment, and personalized instruction on how to effectively brush and floss at home.

Adults also get x-rays and a dental exam and screening, but we’ll also look for signs of oral cancer and gum disease. We may take dental impressions and/or intraoral photographs of your mouth so that Dr. Peterson will have accurate, detailed records for a complete diagnosis.

After your assessment, the dentist will sit down with you and discuss his findings. He will show you your x-rays and photos and answer all of your questions and explain various recommendations for treatment. If you want to learn more about procedures, Dr. Peterson will be happy to go into as much detail as you need to fully understand your dental condition.

As your trusted family dentist, Dr. Peterson will help you make wise decisions about your oral healthcare – taking into consideration your personal goals, lifestyle, budget, and time constraints. Before you leave, our front office will schedule your next appointments and help you with insurance, payment, or financing concerns. Our goal is to make your entire experience, from the moment you call our office until you leave, enjoyable – because your smile is our best advertising!

Our Services

Preventive Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry & Replacement Teeth

Schedule Your Visit

Call today to reserve your consultation or checkup with Dr. Doug Peterson. In fact, schedule checkups for the entire family! We look forward to giving everyone you love a reason to smile.

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